Monday, April 2, 2018

VDB Clouds packs : 500 vdb + 250 exr

VDB Clouds pack : round, shape, flat, column, block and shape

500 VDB clouds available on gumroad.

5 packs:
HD and LD vdb
EXR render including aovs

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Radial Basis Function suite of node for Maya in c++ - update to maya 2018

Radial Basis Function suite of node for Maya in c++

The plugin is still available on gumroad and have been updated for maya 2018 for win only. For other os/maya version contact me.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

proceduralNoise on gumroad : Arnold/C++

Custom proceduralNoise textures for arnold are now available on gumroad:






Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Saturday, January 30, 2016

modulateNode : Maya/C++

Here is a modulate node that coul be used to drive different kind of stuff in a procedural way:
 - components (vertex,face and edge),
- weightList (deformer)
Components or weighList can be drive by position,curve or mesh.
The node allow to modulate the value over time with fading effect.
This node can be use for procedural modelling or FX for example.


Driving components in different situation (locator,curve,mesh):

Driving (mesh) weightList onto a textureDeformer:

Accumulate overTime:
Fade overTime:

deleteFace overteTime:

More complex example, mixing multiple modulateNode:
1- polySmoothFace
2- polyExtrudeFace 
3- polyExtrudeFace 
4- polyAverageVertex
5- deleteEdge


Example along curve with animated over U:

Saturday, January 16, 2016

proceduralSuite : Maya/C++

Here is a new project that i am working on.
This project is a suite of nodes for making procedural deformation on maya (works also with openVDB).
My goal is to produce a suite of node that allow the user to mix and create different kind of deformation based on various kind of noise: worley, turbulence (turbulence, fbm, billowy, ridged, inigo quilez, mountain, flow noise )

I try to keep workflow simple:
1-init mesh/openVDB point position
2-doing procedural stuff via mixing noise, modify, modulate etc
3-inject result into a deformer (position and/or color) or openVDB data

more information :

Below few screen of the actual project:

The workflow onto a mesh:

The workflow onto an openVDB:

modulate noise value by curve, mesh or locator position:

turbulence Node:

worley Node:

util Node:

RockGenerator exemple:

few other exemples: